Festival of Fantasy Parade & Character Meet ‘n’ Greet! Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 2 Part 2


The Festival of Fantasy parade is one of our favorite things to do while we are vacationing at Walt Disney World. Getting a great spot to watch the parade is very important and we would recommend finding a good spot up to one hour before the parade. Our son has also started to love meeting different characters. Our favorite character to meet so far is Mickey Mouse at the town square theatre. This Mickey Mouse has some very special talents and Jackson was so excited to meet him!!! Watch our YouTube video of our Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 2 Part 2!

Disney Store Outlet Review & Haul


We recently had a family trip to Wisconsin Dells at the beginning of July 2017 and was so excited to see a Disney Store Outlet!!! We couldn’t just shop there once, but twice!!! Disney Store Outlet’s are different from regular Disney Store’s in that they usually have more clearance and will have more Disney Parks merchandise that is also marked down. Check out our YouTube video sharing with you a review of the store merchandise and our haul of the Disney goodies we purchased.

Disney Store Summer Haul & NEW Magicband 2.0

DSSH (1)

The Disney Store had exactly what I needed when I was looking for some new summer items before our Wisconsin Dells family vacation. We were in Wisconsin Dells for almost a week and were staying at one of the water park resorts so more towels and a beach bag was needed for this trip. I also purchased one of the new Enchanted Tiki Room 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Magicbands 2.0 for a Father’s Day present and he really loved it!!!

Check out our YouTube Haul & Magicband 2.0 video!!!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review

BOG Review

We ate at the Be Our Guest Restaurant on our last trip to Disney World in April 2017. This is always one of the restaurants we love to eat at in the Magic Kingdom and it is such a unique and coveted reservation we must get. We have eaten at Be Our Guest several times since it has opened and each meal has been a different experience. This restaurant serves quick service meals for breakfast and lunch, yet a reservation is still necessary. At dinner is services as a table service restaurant and a reservation is a must. You are also able to make your dining selections 60 days ahead of your reservation which is great for people who will know what they want to eat. Check out our breakfast review on our YouTube channel for some great food choices and to see what we think about this restaurant!!!

J’s First Roller Coaster! Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 2 Part 1


Our second day at Disney World was Wonderful!! Every time we go to Disney World with our toddler something new happens!!! Starting our morning in our cabin at Fort Wilderness and then riding in our rented golf cart through the fort to the settlement is just an amazing adventure! Getting into the Magic Kingdom during Extra Magic Hours (EMH) is a must for my family since you are able to get on many rides in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland!! On this trip, it including J’s first roller coaster rides on Barnstormer and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. He is such a thrill seeker and so adventurous!!! Check out our YouTube vlog of our morning adventure at the Magic Kingdom!!!

Disney Store Merchandise & Haul- Cars 3 & Tangled the Series


We always try to stop by the Disney Store whenever we are in Indianapolis to see what new or clearance merchandise they have in stock. The day we were at the store they had new Cars 3 and Tangled the series merchandise up front. The Once Upon a Toy Sale was going on and it included a lot of stuff- PJ’s, dress up costumes, stuffed characters, etc… There were so many things to choose from! Check out our YouTube video that shows you all of the new merchandise and the Haul of stuff we picked up at the store!

EPCOT Japan Pavilion Taste Test from Mitsukoshi


During our April 2017 trip to Disney World, we decided to gather some goodies from the Mitsukoshi store in the Japan Pavilion to bring home and taste test. The Mitsukoshi store has so many choices and since we don’t speak Japanese, it was difficult to decide what to get. Check out our YouTube video as we show you all of our goodies we brought home and what we thought about them. Let’s put it this way- Not all of them tasted that good!

Great Birthday Disney Gifts

My Birthday was at the beginning of June and my family always knows what to get me- Disney gifts! They really outdid themselves this year and surprised me with some special items that I was not expecting.

Coach and Disney recently launched a line of handbags and accessories at the Coach Outlet stores that are vibrant and creative. I was so excited when I opened that Coach shopping tote to find this Mickey Mouse red bandana tote purse inside. I love larger purses because I do carry items around not only for myself but also my toddler. This bag also has a medium sized zipper pouch on the inside to hold smaller items.

With the new Beauty and the Beast Movie released, I was very excited to get the new movie and also to receive a Belle and Beast Disney tsum tsum to add to our collection! Moments like these always remind me how blessed and thankful I am for the family and friends we have in our lives!

Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 1 Part 3


In this Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 1 Part 3 YouTube video we finally get to the Magic Kingdom. After taking a nap in our Fort Wilderness Cabin, we cruise on our golf cart to the Settlement so we can catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom. We stop and stare at Cinderella’s Castle as we enter into the magic of Magic Kingdom. We ate at Columbia Harbor House, ride Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and a Dole Whip (or 2) for dessert is our kind of evening!!!

Heading to the Magic Kingdom- Since we stayed at Fort Wilderness we took our golf cart from our cabin to the settlement area to catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom. There are many ways to get around Disney World, but I think taking the boat is one of my favorites.2017-04-08 16.28.29

On the boat from Fort Wilderness, you are able to see some of the old River Country attractions, the new Wilderness Lodge Resort additions and finally coming into the Magic Kingdom is always magical!

Once we got into the Magic Kingdom it was already around 5:00 pm, so we decided to ride a couple of rides, eat dinner and have a special treat before heading back to the fort. We had dinner at Columbia Harbor House near the Haunted Mansion. Jon and I both had a special platter that was not on the menu that included fish, shrimp and chicken. Each platter comes with fries and a side, we choose cole slaw and green beans. The breaded chicken is the normal quick service kind that you will find throughout Disney World. The fish and shrimp were exceptional for a quick service restaurant and we really enjoyed our meal. The best part about eating at Columbia Harbor House is being able to sit upstairs, which was a quieter setting to enjoy our food.

Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 1 Part 2


In this Disney World April 2017 trip vlog, we finally get to Disney World and checked into our Disney Resort- Fort Wilderness Campground & Cabins. In our YouTube video, we cruise around the Fort in our golf cart, check out our amazing cabin that we stay in during our trip and go pick up or rental stroller from Kingdom Strollers and pick up our ship box from the Outpost bell services. There are also some funny moments- I catch Jon in planning a future trip and I have an issue with words!!!

In our vlog:

  • Overview of our Fort Wilderness Cabin

We all really enjoyed staying in the cabin! The Fort Wilderness Cabins are considered a moderate resort, but the price and space you are getting are more in the deluxe standard. The cabins have a living room/ kitchen open concept space that includes a pull-out sofa, chair, bench, large flat panel tv, a table that seats 6 and the kitchen has a full sized fridge, dishwasher, microwave/ convection oven, cooktop and fully stocked cabinets with all the kitchen items you would need. There is a standard sized bathroom with a tub/ shower combo and the separate bedroom has a queen sized bed, twin bunk beds, and a standard sized flat panel tv. We found this cabin a great size for families and plan on staying her again in the future.

2017-04-08 13.46.29 HDR

  • Cruising to and from the Fort Wilderness Outpost on our rented golf cart

Golf carts are available to be rented from Fort Wilderness for a per night cost. I would suggest calling the Fort Wilderness bike barn to reserve your golf cart prior to your stay because they are so popular in getting around the Fort they do tend to sell out and become unavailable. As soon as I booked our resort, I also booked our golf cart. My opinion is that the golf cart is a must when staying at this resort. I do not like to waste my Disney time, so having a golf cart to get around is an easier and faster way of getting around. The internal bus system that is inside the Fort has many stops and is continuously running to and from the Settlement to the Meadows to the Outpost and to the campground and cabin loops. It will just take more time, so do what is best for you and your family.

2017-04-08 14.06.30

  • Picking up our rental stroller from Kingdom Strollers & Ship box from bell services

Prior to our stay, I had shipped a box of dry food/ items that we would want on our trip. You can do this for any of the Disney World resorts. I shipped our box on a Tuesday from Illinois and it arrived via tracking number to the Fort Wilderness Resort by Thursday afternoon. The bell services department kept our box for us until we arrived on Saturday. We did have to pay a $5 fee and at the conference center resort the fee is $10. We have used this service twice and when we have a kitchen it really helps us with our food cost and convenience of shipping extra items we want during our trip.

This trip we also decided to rent a stroller from Kingdom Strollers instead of lugging our large stroller with us from Illinois. It was a good choice for us, with our son now being 3 years old we did not need the stroller for all aspects of our Florida trip and knew that we would just need it while we were at Disney World. Being able to reserve the stroller online and paying for it ahead of time was very convenient. Also, knowing that the stroller would be at the resort waiting for us at bell services would also be convenient to us. We ended up renting a City Mini jogging stroller from Kingdom Strollers and for 4 days cost us around $60.00 which included insurance in case something happened. (Nothing did, but just in case) The stroller was waiting for us at bell services when we got there and was in good shape. Since these strollers are from a rental service you know they are going to worn, but still in good shape to be used while on our vacation. You could see some visible wear, but I felt it was definitely a better option than those hard plastic strollers that you can rent in the park.