Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 1 Part 3


In this Disney World April 2017 Trip Day 1 Part 3 YouTube video we finally get to the Magic Kingdom. After taking a nap in our Fort Wilderness Cabin, we cruise on our golf cart to the Settlement so we can catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom. We stop and stare at Cinderella’s Castle as we enter into the magic of Magic Kingdom. We ate at Columbia Harbor House, ride Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and a Dole Whip (or 2) for dessert is our kind of evening!!!

Heading to the Magic Kingdom- Since we stayed at Fort Wilderness we took our golf cart from our cabin to the settlement area to catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom. There are many ways to get around Disney World, but I think taking the boat is one of my favorites.2017-04-08 16.28.29

On the boat from Fort Wilderness, you are able to see some of the old River Country attractions, the new Wilderness Lodge Resort additions and finally coming into the Magic Kingdom is always magical!

Once we got into the Magic Kingdom it was already around 5:00 pm, so we decided to ride a couple of rides, eat dinner and have a special treat before heading back to the fort. We had dinner at Columbia Harbor House near the Haunted Mansion. Jon and I both had a special platter that was not on the menu that included fish, shrimp and chicken. Each platter comes with fries and a side, we choose cole slaw and green beans. The breaded chicken is the normal quick service kind that you will find throughout Disney World. The fish and shrimp were exceptional for a quick service restaurant and we really enjoyed our meal. The best part about eating at Columbia Harbor House is being able to sit upstairs, which was a quieter setting to enjoy our food.


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