How to Make your own Disney-inspired Minnie Mouse Ears!

There are tons of people selling Disney Inspired Minnie Ears, but I still prefer to make my own!!! Today I am going to go over how easy it is to make your own Minnie Ears.

Materials Needed:

fabric for ears, fabric for ribbon, scissors, thick foam, large coffee cup, cardboard, sharpie, thread, cotton balls, needle or sewing machine, twist tie, glue gun, glue sticks


Step 1: To get the right ear shape I used a pair of Minnie Mouse ears that I had purchased at Disney World for a template. However, it would be hard to trace around so I found a corresponding coffee cup that was about the same size. I used the coffee cup opening to use as my ear circle to trace onto the cardboard. I cut out the cardboard circle and then lined it up with the headband to cut out the bottom curve on the cardboard to make the template.

Step 2: Layout your ear fabric flat on a hard surface and place your cardboard template over the section of fabric you want to cut out. I chose to use a cotton fabric so that it would be easy to sew. Trace around the cardboard template with a sharpie with a 1- inch gap. This allows for room to sew the ear pieces together. Cut out 2 sections of fabric per ear, a total of 4 fabric pieces cut out.

Step 3: Once you have all of your fabric pieces cut out it is time to put them together. Place the fabric pieces upside down together. Use a sewing machine or needle & thread in a corresponding color to sew the 2 pieces of fabric together 1- inch from the edge. Repeat this step for the other 2 fabric pieces.

Step 4: It is now time to turn your ears right side out and fill them with 1 piece of thick foam and cotton balls. Before filling, you need to place the cardboard template on top of the thick foam and trace around it. Cut it out by cutting on the inside of the sharpie marker so that no black marks are not shown when it is cut out. You might need to trim the edges a little to get it into the ear. Cup the foam piece to get it into the fabric ear. Repeat for the second ear. Take 10 pieces of cotton balls per ear and separate. Put 5 pieces on either side of the ear to make it fluffy. This step depends on preference- Do you want fluffy ears or flat ears? The more cotton balls the more fluffy it

Step 5: It is time to close up each ear with the hot glue gun. Place a stream of hot glue on the thick foam and folder over 1 side of the fabric. Once that side is attached I then put a dot of glue on each end and cover the edges first before gluing town the other side of the fabric. After the glue cools down I then trim with my scissors the excess fabric. Repeat for the second ear.

Step 6: It is time to attach your ears to the headband, however I first layout the ears next to the headband and mark each edge so you know where to place the stream of hot glue. Hold the ear down on the headband one at a time on the hot glue to attach it. You might need to add more hot glue to sections that need extra support.

Step 7: Once both ears are glued on your headband it is time to make the bow! I like to use a shiny fabric in a complementary color to the fabric on the ears. I choose to use a shiny blue fabric. I measured out a 10×12 piece of fabric, but you can make your bow smaller or bigger depending on your preference. Lay out the piece of fabric and put one small drop of hot glue in the middle and fold the left side into the middle. Place another dot of hot glue in the middle and place the right side into the middle. Repeat this step for the top and bottom.

Step 8: Turn the square piece of fabric over and now it is time to turn it into a bow. Pinch fabric in the middle and start to accordana fold the fabric. Use a twist tie to secure the bow will stay in place. Place a hot glue dot on the front and back of the twist tie to secure the decorative ribbon and cut to size.

Step 9: Place hot glue on the top of the headband to secure the bow in place. Voila!! Cute Disney inspired Minnie Mouse Ears!!!!


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