Using Disney Gift Cards to Save $ on your Disney Vacation

Purchasing Disney gift cards at your local Sam’s Club or can save you money on your future Disney vacation. On our upcoming trip it has saved us just a little over $100! Any amount can help and this is how I do it:


Sam’s Club and sell’s Disney gift cards in bulk. You are able to buy 3 $50 gift cards in a $150 bundle for $142.98. Buying 1 gift card is a small saving’s but, when you buy $2,250 worth of Disney gift cards that savings start’s to grow. Once you purchase your gift cards then you are able to apply those to your vacation cost on the Disney website through your My Disney Experience account. Here is the saving’s that can add up when more gift cards are purchased:

Gift Card Amount

Cost Spent



























$2250.00- $2144.70= $105.30 Savings

This is just one way to save money on your upcoming trip. Watching for room only or package discounts on the Disney website and using an authorized Disney ticket retailer can also save money on a Disney vacation!


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