Peco’s Bills Tall Tale & Inn Review

We journeyed into the Peco’s Bill quick service restaurant one night in July 2016. We had decided to go to the Magic Kingdom for the evening but, had not picked a restaurant to eat at. Since we had not been to this restaurant we figured it would be a good choice so that we could check it out. This quick service restaurant is in Frontierland and sits between the Country Bear Jamboree show and the Splash Mountain ride. The food was exceptional quality for the price we paid.

Since this is a quick service restaurant you must order your food at the register, pay for your food and then wait for it at the window. While my husband waited to the food I immediately went to find a table and was surprised at the amount of space they have in their dining room. We were able to get a table towards the back of the room that was nice and quiet.

Check out our review on YouTube about Peco’s Bills Tall Tale & Inn Restaurant. We were very surprised at the amount of food we received and the toppings bar that lets you customize your meal.


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